Monday, January 11, 2010

Day Three of 365

We are having a beautiful weather day today. It was a frigid week this week here in South Louisiana. My little toes have been freezing! I stepped out this morning and it looks gorgeous outside. My poor hubby and daughter have a touch of the flu, now, I'm afraid. Or, they might just be suffering from a winter cold. Either way, how bout that darn swine flu epidemic? One of my nephews and one neice have had that crud. They are better now thank goodness for them. I hope all is healthy and well with you are yours. Stay warm, stay safe and hug them babies if you got 'em. If you are like me, your children are young adults now. I can't just grab 'em up and kiss 'em all over their face like I used to. I still find ways to be obnoxious with them though. They just have to bear it out cuz they know they have a crazy mama.


  1. When I look at you it warms my heart. I miss my friend so much, to think of the different life styles we live but the love we have never changes. I am so proud of you with your blog and photos, you go girl! Hats off to ya. One day I'm gonna stop working so much and make time to just hang out and take time with friends. I sure do miss ya.

  2. Well Michelle, I am glad to know it was only fake chinchila, although I thought i saw a little bald chinchila running around the swamp behind my house..... hmmmm
    No more TV shopping for you! Julie Alicea


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