Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 59 of 365, Clay and the Timer

Day 59 of 365, I actually did take some pics today.  They were practice pics all around the house and yard.  S.O.Stuff.  So, I decided that I would  introduce Clay today.  Clay's dad is my 1st cousin.  His family came to visit at my parent's home  on Superbowl Sunday, Jan. 8, 2010.  Geaux Saints! Anyway, my mom (Granny) hasn't had a young kid around for a long time.  She didn't really have anything exciting for a kid that is Clay's age.  I think he picked up the clock timer and was curious.  So, Granny proceeded to show him how it worked.  She can make anything sound like fun.  Kinda like those commercials that make a person want to purchase ShamWow!  Ok, so you get the idea.  She loves kids and can get into their imagination.  My, Karmyn also calls her Granny a dog whisperer, but that is another story. 

Look at that sweet profile.  He is listening to Granny as she points out how to read the timer.  Can you hardly stand it?  O' so sweet!  Plus, he is sharp as a tack!  A very smart boy, that Clay.

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