Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 60 of 365, Something Sweet & Something Pink

Day 60 of 365, Our Daily Photo Challenge Subject:  Something you think is sweet.  So, I had a pic of a snowball (syrupy, sweet kind) as one option.  Another image that I had already was of the most delicious pie you ever tasted.  My sister-in-law brought her pie in the fancy pie plate with all the special touches to our Christmas gathering this year.  I really was thinking about using that one.  It is sweet and I'll bet you would swoon if you took a bite of her pie.  It is that good!  We all make requests for it in advance. 
Truthfully, the daily photo challenges are supposed to be exactly that....taken daily.  So, instead of going retro to my Christmas files.  I looked around me.  Of course who is at my feet?  And, what is the sweetest thing I know?  Mia!  She is the sweetest little doggy that could have ever come into our life.  When any of the four of us in the family walk in the door, we all oooh and ahhh and make a big to do over her.  She wags her tail so hard from side to side.  I always tell her to, "shake it, shake it, don't break it!"   So sweet Mia was going to be my subject.  Now, I had to figure out how I wanted to capture sweet Mia.
Okay, tell me something, what is today?  Yeah, yeah...that is right, today is Pink Tuesday.  (another photography challenge group)  Okay, the wheels start to slowly, creekily turn an idea. Just this weekend, Kayla and Trevor took you know who, OSD (one spoiled dog) to Petco to let her pick out a toy.  I guess she picked out two toys because she came home with a yellow duck and a pink football.  A-Ha!  The pink football!   
Something sweet? Something pink? check... check.   Now I had to figure out how to attempt to catch my something sweet and my something pink in one picture.  So, I decided to tempt her with the football up over my head.  I knew I needed to get low because Mia, well she is pretty low as you can tell.  I think I was laying on my ear on the cold tile floor, camera stuck to my face, football poised over my head as far as my arm would reach.  whew!  As I expected, she started circling around anticipating her target practice.  Then, I gave it a sling down the hall.  Of course, she shot out after the football and I was able to catch a couple cute pics.  I think it turned out cute for a last minute little photo shoot, in the hall, laying on my ear~ 

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