Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 71 of 365, Happy Birthday to Granny!

Day 71 of 365, Happy Birthday to Granny!  This is my mom.  After the grandbabies came along, she wanted to be called Granny.  She is very proud to be Granny to four wonderful grandaughters.  My two, Kayla and Karmyn and my brother's two, Shelbie and Brandilyn.  We used to have so much fun when the girls were little.  Granny's house was, and still is, filled with something fun and exciting to do.  Summers were spent everyday in her pool.  The girls had their 'cinderella princess' dresses, which were actually long satin night gowns.  I remember many summer days when the girls would get out of the pool, hair still wet from swimming, and change into their fairy tale dresses.  They played in them until they were in shreds.  I bet if you ask them what they remember about their childhood, playing dress up at Granny's would be on top of the list.
Go Granny, Go!  Great Wii Bowling form for a Strike!

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