Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 67 of 365, perhaps one day the Grand Canyon...

Day 67of 365,  This morning, as I was tying my shoes, I was so giddy with anticipation.  "Why were you so giddy?", you might ask. Because!  I have been surfing and reading reviews, biting my nails hoping to make the wisest possible decision.   "What do you have to decide?", you might be wondering.  I finally decided exactly what I wanted.  Then, I talked to Terry and he was telling me that he wants to get new tires for his truck and blah, blah, blah...a buncha more stuff....I tuned out at that point.  I think my eyes glazed over when I realized that my purchase was going to be squashed.  bummer...He kept talking on the phone but I was not.  Then, after he finished his list, he asked me what I thought.  So, honesty is the best policy right?  I sighed and told him I was really wanting a new lens that I thought I needed for the wedding photo shoot.  Immediately, he said, well you can get your lens.  Whoa, my ears perked up!  For real?!!  Instantaneously, the giddiness came back! 

Now, I pick up at the ...."tying my shoes, I was so giddy with anticipation."  I was getting ready to head out the door to go purchase that lens.  The camera store lady said she had put my name on it and would hold it for me.  After, I said a cheerful bye-bye to Mia, I jumped in my big V-8 and put the hammer down!  I was on my way, today!  I got to the store and the lady proudly handed me my new lens.  I had brought my camera so she put a spit shine on the new glass and installed it on my camera body.  They give great customer service.  So, with my 'prospective' new lens was on my camera, I started pointin' and shootin' at everything in sight.  And, I was thrilled with the fast focus and the way that lens grabbed the available light!  That is how it looked in my view finder anyway.  I went to Perkins Rowe and felt like Snow White singing a happy little tune as I snapped pics of every colorful thing in sight.  Don't I sound happy?  I was.....until,I got home! 
Before I downloaded my images, I just knew I was going to give a high kick when I saw the results.  I expected every one to be a masterpiece creation.   pppppllluuuuhhhhhhhhhh!  That was the gross rasberry sound in case you need translation!  yucky, yucky.  I don't likey! 
The images were not clear and the focus way off.  I had it on auto white balance the whole time.  My Nikon has never given me any color problems.  But, everything looked a strange color.  I was disappointed to say the least.  I plan to return to the camera store tomorrow morn, asap!  I hope they can do something for me. 

On a lighter note, I want to go to the Grand Canyon, 1325 miles.
***these pics were NOT taken with the lens that I think is defective. 

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