Friday, November 5, 2010

RESERVATROL...PreservatroL??? Searching for my Fountain of Youth

What do you remember about Juan Ponce De Leon?

He went looking for the Fountain of Youth!

What happened to the elderly group of retirees in the 1985 movie Cocoon?

They discovered a magical pool and after swimming in the water found themselves rejuvenated!

Cocoon was the sweetest movie.  Jeanita and I went to see it at the Broadmoor Theatre together.  I will never forget it. 
Here is a movie trailer clip.

As you know if you read my November 3rd posting, I just had a birthday.  ON my birthday, Terry and I went to Sam's to shop.  In the refrigerator, not far from the milk and eggs, I saw this promise:
Can you read this?  If not, you might need to go grab your cheaters.  :)
Can you at least make out the words "fountain of youth"?!!!
Yeah, Mama!  I grabbed that sucker up and slam dunked that promise right into my shopping cart!

When I got home, I couldn't wait to start my quest and drink up my very own "Fountain of Youth".  I poured myself a glass of the thick burgandy juice into my pretty crystal iced tea glass.  CHEERS & Bottoms UP!  I can say it made me PUCKER UP.  I'm not sure how much I am going to like this stuff.  I do like my new glasses though.  I just purchased those crystal glasses today.  Terry saw me put them in the buggy and he said to put 'em back cuz we had enough glass that just sits in the cabinet.  Typically, we use the stacks and stacks of plastic souvenier cups that we collect at mardi gras parades, amusement parks and football games.  Do y'all do that too?  Anyway, when he saw the word, Dublin, he relented and said, "Oh, ok we can get them if they come from Ireland."  He has a big idea that he would like to travel to Ireland.  Actually, he really, really wants to go the the land of Braveheart.  Scotland!  Oh, but wait.  His aspiration is to go the Highlands of Scotland and hunt Werewolves!  I don't know how he cooks up all these crazy ideas!  

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