Thursday, November 4, 2010

Out with the GO Phone, In with the NEW Phone!

I had to get up to date.  That obnoxious Go Phone ring tone has GOTZ to GO!   About a year ago or so, I bought the new fangled (at the time) smart phone.  I had it for a week and then one day, I think I set it on top of my car.  I'm sure when I spun out of the driveway, my phone spun into the ditch!  Back in the day, I have punished my girls and refused to allow them to upgrade phones as long as I thought they were irresponsible.  hmmmm...well, I guess I didn't want to be hypocritical so I punished myself.  I refused to allow myself an upgrade.  That's the truth.


Finally, Terry's slick & fancy (in 2006!) Razor cell phone was starting to not hold a charge.  We were in Sam's today and I guess I realized that Mama & Papa were ready for an upgrade.  We picked out a couple phones today.  They are not the fanciest but an upgrade none the less.  The guy recommended that we purchase the screen protector sheets that required cutting to fit.  Our sweet Kayla took on the task.  She is the type that gets things done.  Whatever is in front of her, she just goes about taking care of things and knocks that little job out.   Terry and I, on the other hand, make a pot of coffee and think things over.  Seriously, procrastination is our number one game.  I ain't proud of it, but I ain't too proud to admit it. 

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