Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wop, Wop, Wop, went the flat tire-ON The Scary Bridge at That!

Trevor and Kayla were in front of Terry and I.  We were traveling to the semi-annual Jewelry Show in New Orleans.  Trevor found his tire low of air this morning.  He used our compressor to fill it back up before we left.  Everything looked copacetic until we saw Emergency Flashers!   I called them, "What's up?" 
Flat Tire.   That's what's up. 

A two lane Insterstate Bridge  is NO place to be at a time like this. 
Pretty scary stuff there, huh Trevor?

Terry & Kayla are watching the oncoming traffic.
Oncoming at 70-80 mph, that is. 

He just broke the lugs.

Kayla gives Trevor a hand putting on the donut spare tire. 
Two heads and four hands are better than one sometimes.

Go, Kayla, Go!
Lower that Jack and throw it in the trunk.
Let's get off this rumbling Interstate Bridge, PRONTO!

Once again, We are On the Road to Market.

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