Sunday, November 21, 2010

Felicia & Austin - Engagement Session

Felicia and Austin's wedding is in only 2 weeks! I am super excited and honored to have the opportunity to photograph their upcoming wedding. Today, we went downtown and I followed them around and captured all their gorgousness! I absolutely think they are so charming. Felicia is a spunky, funky modern chick. I knew Austin when he was in high school.  I always thought he was such a good lookin' guy.  Well, he is still a good lookin' guy.  And, oh my gosh, Austin cracks me up.  He really, really did not feel like doing a photo shoot.  Skipping around and having his picture taken is not his cup of tea.  When I called Felicia to set the date and time, I am sure that Austin would have put it off if at all possible.  But, luckily my timing was good and I called during the football game.  I suggested a time and I heard Felicia ask Austin if it was ok for him.  He said, 'yeah, whatever Felicia'..while glued to the game....So, there!  He agreed.  Book'em Dano! 

I did Felicia's bridal shoot a few weeks ago which turned out so beautifully.  I will be sure to post those after the wedding.  For today, I picked up the couple from their wonderful new home and we headed to BR.  I told Austin it was his day.  It was all about Austin.  wink.wink...  He was probably grumbling inside and thinking, 'yeah, if it was Austin day, he would be doing something funNER'.  He cracks me up.  He picks on Felicia and mimics the way she laughs which only makes her laugh some more. Those two keep a constant banter going. They remind me of Edith and Archie Bunker.  But neither Archie nor Austin can fool me... I know both guys are true softies on the inside.  Archie loves Edith and Austin loves Felicia.  I wanted to end that sentence with a tiny little heart instead of a period.  :)  They are an adorable couple. I am going to enjoy capturing their wedding day. Yay!!!

p.s.  Felicia said that Austin loves his PawPaw recliner and PawPaw slippers.  True Archie style!

Check out their slideshow. It turned out way cool!  By the way, Austin had fun in the end.   I just know it.

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow
We went to the lookout Tower of the State Capital Building overlooking Baton Rouge and the Mississippie River.

Felicia and Austin are going to a resort in Breckenridge for their Honeymoon!  When we walked down the steps of our State Capital Building, Felicia was noticing how all the state names are engraved on them.  I had noticed Colorado earlier and knew that I wanted to capture something like this.  I love it.

Ok, everybody say it with me...Rarrrr!!!  Gorgeous! 
Look how that sunlight outlines her hair and body.  Amazing!!!

Austin, you got it man...  IN SPADES!

What can I say?  When I saw this huge pillar under the porch, I knew I had my black and white.  I asked Austin to take a seat and lean against the post.  Then, I showed Felicia what I wanted her to do.  She fell into it perfectly.  Perfection.  That 's the word.  I thinik this is quiet Perfection. 

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