Sunday, December 20, 2009

2 min Soar Scholarship Submission

I finally put something together. This is my first video experience. I purchased Sony Movie Studio HD to edit this simple video. That program can do so much more but it will take me a little time working with it to know more. I'm proud of how this turned out because it feels like a triumph. The reason I say triumph is because I drummed up the courage and inspiration to step out and submit this video as my application submission for a scholarship. If I were one of the 3 lucky women who receive the scholarship, I would have the opportunity to learn about the photography business from esteemed professionals in the business. I have hours and hours of pictures and days worth of stories I could tell about how I became interested in photography and what inspires me. But, the requirement was a 2 min. video. This is the condensed version and final submission. There are so many wonderful video entries already submitted. I might not be chosen and that is ok. But, I knew that if I failed to submit, I would have zero chance. Anyway, here is my shot at it. I uploaded on Dec. 19, 2009.

STOP THE MADNESS! Look at that stupid face shot! Why does video always freeze on the most ridiculous and goofy look?!! Conspiracy, I say! Whatever, I don't care. I am proud of myself for trying actually.

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