Sunday, December 27, 2009

Picking Oranges at MawMaw & PawPaw's

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Terry and his Dad are picking oranges from a Satsuma Orange Tree in his backyard. That little tree was loaded again this year! I always bring my camera when we go out to the country. Today, I watched the sunset so beautifully. I told my husband to let me take a silhouette pic of him on his 4-wheeler in front of the horizon. He was at the barn talking to his dad for a sec so I started walking out to the field. I was looking at my camera settings as I walked. My destination was just past a big huge live oak tree with big branches that touched the ground. This is where I wanted to set up for the shot. Like I said, I was not really paying attention to where I was walking but looking at my camera. Suddenly, I began to hear really loud snorts coming at regular intervals right in front of me. I kinda checked myself to see if my clothes or feet could be making the noise. nope. As I got closer to the big bushy tree branches, the snorts got louder and louder. OH MY GOODNESS! WHAT IS SNORTING AT ME?!!! I started walking backwards like a crawfish. I turned around and yelled, HELP, HELP! I didn't want to turn my back and run. I also didn't know if Terry would hear my call for help all the way across the field and above the 4-wheeler engine. He heard. He and my father-in-law came speeding over and pointed their headlights into the oak tree but did not scare up anything. The animal must have already run away. They told me that it was probably a deer after I demonstrated how it sounded. They explained how a deer snorts when they are startled.

Hey, I know wild deer are not like Bambi! What if it was a big buck with huge antlers? It could have stuck me or kicked me with its hoofs. Whew, close call man, for reals! I have never been that close to a big wild animal like that before. (except one time a rotweiller came bounding after me. All I could do was stand frozen in place and tremble because all I was imagining was meat coming off my bones!...but that is another story...where was I anyway?..back to the deer story..) yeah, that wild creature was giving me some warning snorts and I didn't want any part of that! And, dadgummit if through all that drama, the sunset of bright pink, orange and gold that I wanted to capture went away in a snap! Oh well, I got something I kinda like. You can see it as the final shot on the PICKING ORANGES slideshow.

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