Saturday, December 5, 2009

Today is my first blog ever.

Here I am. Today, I decided to jump into the blogosphere. I have been at this computer all day today studying photography editing tips. Also, I have had my ear tuned in to the football game between Florida and Alabama. My hubby has the volume up so loud, I can't help it actually! geesh! Anyway, he could hardly wait to watch this game which will decide who goes to the BCS Championship game. He really wants Tebow to go to another championship game. We root for Tebow unless he is playing against our Tigers of LSU. But, it looks like Tebow and company have lost to Alabama. Too bad, So sad.

My intention is to use this blogspot for my photography interest. I hope that I can meet some new friends who share my interests. Right now, I feel like I am chompin' at the bit and anxious for spring already! Too bad winter has just started. I am anxious to photograph some high school seniors, or babies, or kids, or brides or...anybody that walks by.... I have a lot of ideas rolling around in my head.

Happy Birthday to me.

My daughter, Kayla is lighting the candles on my cake while my hubby snaps the pic. Oh, trust me, I would rather be behind the camera. Anyway, this is me on my 44th birthday. Ok, pictures tell the truth and the truth is....I really wish I could lose some weight. Man, it seems like wanting to lose weight has been a lifelong battle! I remember my 31st birthday. For some reason, the day that I turned 31 seemed to be one of those pivotal age markers for me. That was the day I joined a gym called the Body Factory where I met the owner and trainer who really helped change my life. His name is Jordan and I appreciate all the encouragement that he gave to all us ladies who joined his 10:00 am class. It was such a positive experience in my life. As the lbs and inches began to melt off, my confidence just soared. Sadly, the Body Factoy closed and Jordan moved back to his home town. All of us ladies were left without a home it seemed. I tried to join another health club but it just wasn't "my gym". I wanted my old comrads back that I loved so much. Anyway, a decade plus later, I find myself back to my pre-BodyFactory shape. ugh!

Well, maybe today is a new beginning for me. Not only can I use this blog to find new friends but maybe I can journal my thoughts and emotions about this life long struggle. I know so many people can relate. We need to stick together and lift each other up. I know that this world would be a much more beautiful place if we would do that for each other. And, I am not talking about physical beauty but beautiful hearts of compassion. Yes, I am starting to encourage even myself with that thought. I am thinking of some radiantly beautiful women that I admire so much. These women do not need a perfect figure and flawless face because their radiance comes from the soul. Their beauty more precious than diamonds! One woman who stands out like the HOPE DIAMOND is my mom. I love you Mama. I am also thinking of my extraordinarily exquisite sisters-in-law, aunts, cousins, nieces and dear friends. You all know who you are and I hope you realize that each of you mean the world to me!!! Another couple of precious and priceless jewels are my two daughters, Kayla and Karmyn. For me, being called mom is a high honor. God entrusted me with two wonderful girls! I am thankful.