Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What We Leave Behind

Tonight, I am watching a training video by Rick Sammon. In this particular video, he was talking about the business side of photography . Rick is the author of many, many photography books. The video that I was watching was part of the online training workshops on Anyway, Rick was asked by an interviewer how he remains motivated to work so hard. He said he loves learning and being busy. After a slight pause he said that mostly he does it for his son. He said that someday his son will have all those picture files and that he might be able to sell a few. But, what he is really happy about is the pictures of the little moments captured of his son when he was younger. His son is now 16 but he began remembering the pics showing an earlier time when his son was riding on his shoulders in the swimming pool. Rick said that he knows that his son is going to look at all those pictures and realize that he was loved. Awwwe, now I like Rick Sammon even more~! I will have to add him to my fave blog list.

Isn't that what life is all about? What kind of memories are you making with your children? Act crazy, be goofy, be tender and mostly love those babies big and little!!!

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