Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 20 of 365, Free to be!

Day 20 of 365, Self Portrait
While Big Daddy went on a trail walk, I was supposed to be resting on the bench. I had other ideas. He came back and I showed him the pics and he said, OMGoodness! I figured you would be acting goofy! lol!!!!! Then, he said, you coulda blew your knee out! :P

To get this, I set the camera on the bench, pressed the 10 sec. timer, ran hopped up on top of the far bench. I timed the beeps on the Self Timer and JUMPED! It took a few times before I was able to catch air. I had a party of normal.

It's his b-day today so I will post a little more later. We went on a mini 'field trip' today and took lots of pics. I will probably work on that a little later tonight after we get back home. So, this one self portrait will have to do for now.:)

Uploaded for Daily Photo Challenge,
Subject: Blue, Jan. 28, 2010

Simply Blue.

Actually, this is my backyard clothesline and craggly old pins. clothespins are my fave thing to practice selective focus on. For this challenge, I said what the heck, I'll find a new blue pin and that will be my 'blue'.

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