Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 23 of 365, Krewe of Mutts!

Day 23 of 365, Day 23 of 365, Terry took this pic of me and our first little dog. Her name is Mia. Actually, she is my daughter's doggy but we all love her. I wanted to get a pic with Mia because Terry and I went to a mardi gras parade today in Baton Rouge, LA. It was the Krewe of Mutts Parade! All dog parade!!! We had a blast and took tons of great pics. As a bonus, I met a Flickr Friend!!! I ran into Mr. Greenjeans! He is very nice. I enjoyed talking with him until the parade came by and we got split up. I didn't even get to say good bye.

This all mutt parade was so much fun. The weather could not have been nicer and the atmosphere was super charged with excitement. I kept wishing we had brought our little Mia with us. I was not sure if I could keep up with her and take pictures. I was able to catch a ton of pics. I loved all the pics because it helped me relive a very family friendly mardi gras parade. =====================================
Krewe of Mutts...
(if it does not start to play, move slider slightly)

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