Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 6 of 365, money & truth

I have to giggle at myself acting like this. If you knew me, you would know this is far out acting! When my daughter came home, she saw the coat, hat and glasses on the living room sofa. I told her what the project was and she cracked up laughing. She said, "Don't tell me you wore a grill!" Awe shucks, great idea! A grill was all that was missing! The other daughter saw it and said, 'Oh mama, you are really getting into it huh?' Yeah, I guess you could say, I am getting into it. It's all in fun. I captioned the first pic, "Chaaaag it Dahlin'!". I thought I was channeling my inner Joan Crawford in the second photo. What do you think? lol!
I just recently joined a Daily Photo Challenge Group on Flickr and the topic of today is money. A few quick ideas came to mind. For one, I own a silver coin bracelet that is made from the retired Italian Lire. I was going to attempt to show the bracelet swinging like a pendulum and then caption it, "You are getting sleeeepy...'! As I thought about that demonstration, I actually started to think about how hypnotised we are as a culture with material things and status. I admit to you that you can place my name at the top of that list! This fake chinchilla coat, I bought from QVC. Not only did I buy the chincilla, I bought a mink and another fur trimmed coat the same day! Tell me what you really think...go ahead. I will tell you what I think, ... I must be NUTS! What is worse, I live in Louisiana!!! Now, that is what I call goofy as all get out.
When the 3 new coats arrived UPS, I immediately wanted to send them back because I realized how insane I must have been to order. that is the word for it. It is insanity, with a capital I, to keep buying what we do not need.
I am paying off those silly charges and NO MORE QVC or HSN...well, limited QVC & HSN. Seriously, I am ready to be able to call Dave Ramsey and cheer "DEBT FREE!" Wouldn't that be wonderful? To be debt free...

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