Wednesday, January 6, 2010


These images were taken in participation with one of my favorite blogs, MeRaKoh Photography. The challenge was to take pictures of things in and around your home that inspire you. We had to post a link to our blog site by 2 am. Here are my inspiration pictures.
Michelle and Terry Sibley, wed July 19, 1986. I hope you can see the wedding day pic of Terry and I. I lit a pillar candle in front and tried to capture it only by candlelight. The original photo was captured by my cousin, Jean Ann, with a Canon Powershot compact film camera. This was a first generation powershot. I think that the picture is stuck to the glass by now and would probably be destroyed if I tried to remove it. Terry and I were married in his sister's beautiful home. Those were pretty hard times in terms of jobs and economy. My parents offered to give us a sum of money. We had a choice to either spend it on a wedding or put it in the bank. Well, we slam dunked the funds right into the bank! I loved our simple wedding. I wore a tea length lace dress and Terry wore a nice black suit. The broach that I have pinned up at my neckline was actually my Grandma's. She was not with us that day because she passed away when I was 18. At that time, we did not have a home church so his sister's pastor officiated the ceremony. Only our immediate family members were in attendance. To me, it was perfect.

I am laughing right now. In this pic, it looks like Terry has exceptionally poofy hair or a gigantor head. It was the eighties remember. Guys wore their hair kinda tall but in the real picture it doesn't look this tall & poofy. That is curious. Sorry Terry. I do love you so & you are still handsome to me.

Faith is what we live by. Actually, this cross was taken from the flowers that we donated at my cousin's funeral. He was only 38 and died suddenly due to an embolism in his lung. I am still in shock about it. It's weird to see someone healthy and whole, then lose them in a moment. What I do know though is that he is with our Lord. Hallelujah! He was a new believer of about only one year before his passing. His name was Travis and I honor his memory by keeping this cross on my sofa table. The inspiration of the cross speaks for itself. I am also reminded when I look at this cross to treasure every moment with my loved ones and capture lots of memories in photographs. If Travis were here, I would take his picture.

This is our Louisiana Coffee made in Baton Rouge. The FleurDeLis that you see on the tin bucket is our state's symbol. Good ole dark roast Community Coffee is how I start my day. We have a routine, my little dog and I. She meets me at the coffee pot with her little stuffed lamb. I pour myself a Venti cuppa Joe and head to the big comfy chair in the living room. Mia (little doggy) gets on my lap and uses her 'lamby' for a pillow under her chin. Can you say spoiled?! Actually, both of us are a bit spoiled.

My husband and I went away to the Smokey Mountains in Gatlinburg, TN. This was our first trip ever without our two daughters. They were grown at the time. We enjoyed it but I guess my husband was missing them because he came out of the souvenier shop with these two little cubs and rode around with them on his dashboard until we went home. We love our own precious cubs. I so miss the days when they were younger and with me all the time.


  1. LOVE these images!!

  2. Love your photos of what inspires you...women like you that I have met through the SOAR! program certainly inspire me beyond belief...Have a good sleep and great luck to you tomorrow the 8th!

  3. I found another SOAR sister's blog!!! I'm surely going to (rather I already am) and would be honored if you would follow me too at
    Hugs to you and good luck for the big announcement! I stayed up untilalmost 5 a.m. hoping to catch the first announcement but finally lay down after 3 days without sleep to try and catch some zzzzzz's wasn't too successful on the sleep part though but at least my eyes got to actually close! lol


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