Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 26 of 365, Are Cheese Balls Food?

Day 26 of 365, Yesterday, I checked out these dvd's about photography and light from the library. Today is one of those, stay at home, lounge lizard kind of days for me. No make up, so...close up self portrait? ...just ain't hapnin'!
By the way, I did start reading that book, 'The Artist's Way' and I did my morning writing assignment. I had to write 3 full pages of anything that popped into my mind. The idea is to just let the creativity flow out of the subconcious mind to the pen. The only problem was, my concious mind kept telling me my hand had a bad writer's cramp! oochy ouchy, that hurts!
Terry bought these 3 Lamperge' jars a few years back from a man who he works with. The man's wife had opened a gift shop and Lamperge' had just come on the scene and were very popular. He is NOT a shopper and would never think about attempting the mall by himself. I have to smile as I remember how proud of himself he was for buying something for me.

I bought this huge thing of cheese balls from Sam's. Are cheese balls real food? I remember one day, I called my brother a cheese ball. He just laughed because he knows its true. Don't know why that came to mind but it did. :) Nah, I love my big little brother.

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