Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 35 of 365, Look UP for a new perspective.

Our daily photo challenge today was to turn our camera straight up and shoot. I went to the post office to get my mail. I decided to try to shoot straight up the flagpole that holds our American Flag. I was having fun trying to catch the flag at a point where it would be best seen from this low perspective. I looked up and a few people were watching me from the glass window of the post office. I smiled and waved. :)

The weather forecast had been showing that snow was coming in on Friday night. Well, we started getting snow at around 6:30 am. The early morning local news were all a buzz with video of the heavy snow falling. People were sending in their snow pictures and they were posting school and street closures. They reported that the BR Sheriff's Office was sending home all 'non essential' personnel. non essential? who is not essential? ?? I know, I know. It just sounds funny. Anyway, the excitement about the snow was palpable. When I talked to mom a little later that morning, I told her I was going to Sam's to get some sandwich stuff in case we get snowed in and lose power. She said she wanted to ride with me. I was already on the road, so I pulled into Amite Baptist Church parking lot to wait for her. While I was waiting, I saw the beautiful stained glass on the outside of the old sanctuary. I jumped out of the car and shot straight up again. While I took this pic, I had sleet falling on my head.
As the snow was falling, Karmyn looked out the window and I heard her say, 'It looks like Colorado!' Yes, it was exciting for a few hours because it was actually snowing hard. As soon as the sun popped out, it all melted away. I imagine all the 'non essentials' didn't complain because they got a free day off.

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