Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 40 of 365, Remembering both MawMaws

Day 40 of 365, Today's photo Subject: Size of a Pin. I decided to take a picture of my Byetta pen. I began using Byetta because I am insulin resistant. I think that is a term that I use because I really wish to deny the term diabetic. Both of my grandmothers had diabetes. Both of them died due to a massive coronary when I was 18. Yes, both died in the same year of my life. It was a very sad year for our family. They were very different women but I loved them both the same.

Maw Maw Lena was a very gentle, soft spoken lady. She always wore house dresses. I never saw her in a pair of pants. She gardened, she read her bible and attended church every Sunday. She loved her home church and congregation. My cousin, Barbara and I would love to spend the night with her. She would let us part her hair down the middle. Barbara on one side and I on the other, and we rolled her hair. We had those curlers and pins going in every direction but Maw Maw said it was perfect! MawMaw never had much in terms of worldly possessions, but she possessed the love of her huge family. Get togethers at her house was a crowded room of people sitting/standing shoulder to shoulder in her little house. But, that little house rocked with love and laughter. I remember Mama coming into my room and telling me to wake up because they had just received word that MawMaw had died. My aunt and her two children lived with MawMaw at that time. They said that she had fixed a cup of coffee for herself and turned around to get sugar. Then, she checked out of this world and went to the feet of Jesus. I will see my sweet MawMaw again someday. She was poor on earth but she is walking on streets of gold! I loved her and she loved everyone.

MawMaw Ethel was my other grandma. She was a fun lovin', laughin', boisterous cajun lady. She could cook like 'nobody's business' as we say down south. Her cookin' will "make you wanna slap ya Mama!" I remember that she used to keep those Big Giant Sized glass bottles of Coca Cola at her house. My brother and I would treat ourselves to coke and sliced cheese parties when we were supposed to be sleeping. Maw Maw said she knew this because she found the cheese wrappers all over the top of the bed. Isn't it funny how something so silly would stick in your memory bank? MawMaw loved to play cards with her weekly card group, fishing with PawPaw at their Lake Verrett camp, sewing, crafts & shopping. She lived large. I was at work when I received the call that MawMaw Ethel had been taken to the hospital. I got to the hospital before she died but could not get in to see her. She was getting ready to be transported to a larger hospital. I think she died on the way. Before she died, she gave me a 1/2 carot cluster diamond ring. She told me that when I look at the ring, remember that I wore her heart. She also made for me a crocheted afghan. When I look at those stitches, I know she was thinking of me as she worked on her labor of love. I am counting on seeing both of my grandmas one day. What a reunion it will be!

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