Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 49 of 365, Arms

Day 49 of 365, Today's Daily Photo Challenge Subject is Arms.  I thought about trying to find a barbie, or even a swing arm lamp.  Then, I remembered the picture that I had taken of the Changing of the Guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington Cemetary, Washington, DC.  The ceremony that we saw was in the middle of the day.   As time drew near for the ceremony to take place, we took a seat on the concrete benches provided for the public.  The incoming sentinal marched in at the precisely scheduled time for him to report.  The ceremonial exchange was viewed by, we, the audience.  This event occurs each and every time the standing guard is relieved of their post.  It is a somber and markedly reverant experience.  The sentinals, each wear heel taps.  As they march, the sound makes it seem more poignant.  The sentinal marches 21 steps across the black mat, makes a crisp 90 degree turn to face east for 21 seconds, then makes a crisp 90 degree turn again to face north for 21 seconds.  He then does a  "shoulder arms" movement with his rifle.  After, "shoulder arms", he continues the march of 21 steps in the other direction to start the process again.  I appreciate the opportunity to have witnessed the changing of the guard.  If interested in seeing more detailed information, a wonderful website that I found was

Here is a Baton Rouge Police Officer who had just passed me by on horseback.  I captioned this one 'Long Arm of the Law' to go along with the Subject theme.  I like how imposing the officer and horse appear from this perspective.  I thought of this picture in relation to the subject because of the powerful dynamic this image represents.  Can you see it?... 'The Long Arm of the Law'?  

I am thankful for the bravery of our good police officers who work to keep honest civillians safe. 

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