Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 56 of 365, Surprise Start to My Day

Day 56 of 365, Today started out with a very unexpected phone call.  I met a lady last summer at the nail salon. We were getting side by side pedi's.  Of course, we started chatting away.  I can't remember exactly how the conversation started but I told her about my photography enthusiasm.  I remember how cute and friendly she was.  She seemed to be a busy lady who has 'lots of irons in the fire' at once!  I gave her a composite card with some bridal engagement pics that I had recently taken.  I was so happy with the way the little cards had turned out so I happened to have one in my purse.  Before I left, she told me that she had a daughter that would eventually be needing a wedding photographer.  I had butterflies in my stomach at the possibility of being the photographer chosen for the very special day. 

Well, this morning, I was piddlin' around in the kitchen and my cell phone began it's obnoxious tune.  It is one of those shreaky, wordless, doop-de-doo ringtones that is so annoying.  It is a Go Phone, after all.  I have to use the Go Phone because I put my new phone on top of my car and peeled out!  I am sure it is waterlogged in some ditch.  So, back to the obnoxious ringing.   I think I was off in never-never land because I was totally not phased.  Karmyn, who was sitting at the bar, asked with sarcasm, "Mom, do actually NOT hear your phone?"  Oh, okedokie...I think I came back to earth and reached to see who called.  hmmmm?  I didn't recognize the number.  As I was scratching my head in thought, up pops "1 Voicemail".   So, I proceed to go check the message.  Guess who it was?  One guess, go ahead, take a gander...yep!  You got it.  It was the lady from the nail salon!  She wanted to talk with me about photography for her daughter's wedding.  What?  Come on!  I really could not believe that she had kept my contact information for so long. 

We played phone tag a few times today.  But, by the end of the day, we came to an agreement and I have the supreme honor of being the photographer chosen to capture the memories of a very special time in the life of two young people.  Remember the butterflies that I had on our first meeting?  They came back today!  Butterflies of exitement...and, dare I say, a bit of pride in my photography and how it has grown to mean so very much to me!
p.s.  Toni, if you read this,....Thanks!  Everything is going to work out beautifully. 

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