Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 57 of 365, Debbie's Heavenly Gems

Day 57 of 365, Today was a lot of fun. Terry had a pretty hard week at work last week so I think he needed a little extra measure of R&R! Kayla mentioned to me last night, that a Spring Festival was going on at a church close to us. I decided to grab the camera and head over there to catch some giggles and smiles from the cute little kiddos. Oh, there were plenty of giggles and smiles alright. I still have not processed all of those pics yet!

The video file above is of my friend, Debbie and her wonderful oldest daughter. I happened upon her booth of gorgeous handmade jewelry that she calls Heavenly Gems. This jewelry is soooo beautiful. I love, love, loved all of it. Everything that Debbie touches turns out so neat! She is one of those kinds of people with a little extra magic in her crafty little fingers. Even her home,... my daughter said that her house could be in a magazine because, 'It is so perfect!' That is Debbie. She is a first class Christian mom who always has a smile to share and a listening ear. She and her oldest daughter, Katie, will be making a trip to Israel soon! I am sure they are eagerly looking forward to their upcoming travel date.

When I picked up one of the beautiful necklaces that caught my eye, I felt the fine quality & luxurious weight of the beading. It was not heavy, but substantial. If you read my blog post for Day 6 of 365, Money and Truth, you would know I am an avid QVC/HSN watcher! I see jewelry all day long. Honestly, I figured I was holding at least a $75.00 necklace. As I squinted my 40+ year old eyes, I read $35.00. huh? I wondered, "Am I seeing that price correctly?" I made sure again...yes. That was her price. Not only that, she had some fine, and I do mean fine, earrings that she was selling for $5.00! You have got to contact Debbie and see her jewelry if you live in the Baton Rouge area. If not, she will ship her products at the standard shipping rate. Her email address is She can help you with product and pricing if you contact her at that address.

I had to refrain from taking, oodles & oodles, to the point of overkill, pics of Debbie's booth. I did not want to embarrass her.  But, just look at those sweet  pearl necklaces.  Can't you picture one  for your little princess? Oh, you want all of 'em! I know you do!

p.s. I have a pair of her drop earrings-not too big, not too little, but juuuust right. I luv 'em. Thank you Debbie.

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