Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 96 of 365, Vehicle Troubles...

Day 96 of 365, Yesterday, Karmyn got in her car, started it up and backed out of the driveway and realized she couldn't steer the vehicle.  She used my car to drive to school.  Terry has been working long hours so I didn't want to bother him with vehicle trouble.   This morning, I decided to go see Darren Carrol, owner of Watson Auto Parts.  I knew that Darren would check to see if I simply needed to replenish the steering fluid.  Well, Darren walked out to my car and said, "There is your problem right there."  He was pointing to a belt that was hanging loosely under my car.  So, I was in the right place.  I purchased the belt.  After I checked out, I walked back to ask Darren another question.  I needed to know if I would be able to drive the car back home.  He looked up from his reference books and saw the man standing behind me.  He asked the man, "Hey, ya wanna make some money?"  I looked around and I saw a man in a striped work shirt with the name, Ronnie, on the patch.  He smiled and took the belt and I showed him where I was parked.  He started working on installing the new belt while I sat on the curb watching.   He had routed the belt but did not have the tools that he really needed to set the tension.  So, he told me to wheel around and drive across the street to Tommy's Automotive. 
Tommy was nice enough to let Ronnie borrow a couple tools.  That darned tension must have been tough!  I saw both of them tugging on the tools but they decided they needed a little more leverage.  So, they called in reinforcement.  See the guy with the Muscle Milk cap?  They laughed and called him out to give them some assistance.  I heard them tell him to '...lean on it...'   Woops, there it is!  Belt on and we were back in business! 

 Hanging around them for just the little bit of time reminded me of old days.  When Terry and I were dating, I used to love to be around his gear head buddies.  They loved their muscle cars, old cars and 4 wheel drives.  Even though I didn't know what they were talking about when they talked 'shop', It would tickle me just to hear their stories.  They would get so excited as they bounced their stories (usually dangerous) back and forth.  I can say it was never dull when we hung out with the fellas.  They didn't have a 'lick 'o sense' as we say in the south.  All of Terry's buddies were wild and crazy.  I bet they have calmed down now as adults in the real world.  But, I guarantee if we all got together today, those old stories would come back up again.  And, we would all go right back to that time of freedom and invincibility.

What reminded me today of the old gang about these guys was how they laughed and worked together.  I can tell that they put their all into whatever they do.  It is so nice to see people who enjoy life.  Tommy has a race car.  I asked him where he raced as the wheels in my mind were turning. 
 I have never photographed race cars before.....
hmmmm.....could be something I would like to try.  :)

If I ever need some Automotive work, I know who I can call. 
 I can all Tommy (see his phone number above)
or Ronnie Sibley at 225-573-3133. 

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