Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day 92 of 365, Presented the Wedding Album to Bride and Groom

Day 92 of 365...Presentation/Delivery Date!  Here is the gift bag that I presented to Maria and Andy today.  Found inside is the Dvd slideshow movie which is a compilation of their Wedding Day images that I had photographed.  Also, their album is filled with a timeline story of photos from the getting ready, to the ceremony, first dance, daddy dance, cutting the cake, celebration reception and guests... all the way to the big smoocheroo right before they went away!  I think Maria, Andy and her family love all the pictures.  I am so honored to have captured her special day.  Check out Maria looking at her album with Andy looking over her shoulder.  When Maria realized that I wanted to take a pic of her, she said, "Oh no!  I've been laying out at the pool!"   
Yeah right, Maria!  You are beautiful no matter what! :)
Isabella awoke from her baby nap while I was there.  She is such an adorable little punkin'!  When her daddy playfully lifts her up and over his head, she squishes up her little face into the cutest giggly smile!  She is laying in the middle of her pallette playland.  She has all her toys around.  Next thing ya know she will be toddling around and pulling them all out of the toybox. 
 It is so amazing how babies can change so fast. 
You gotta love, capture and treasure every precious moment. 

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