Thursday, October 21, 2010

High School SENIORS photo shoot October 17, 2010 - Caitlin & Ashleigh

Caitlin & Ashleigh are total sweethearts.  Melissa and I were happy that Caitlin came and brought her good friend, Ashleigh to the photo shoot event.  I told Caitlin that she reminded by me of Olivia on Jerseylicious.  She laughed because she though I meant Jersey Shore.  She had never seen Jerseylicious so she didn't know who Olivia was.  I have been watching this season of Jerseylicious and it cracks me up.  The setting is a beauty salon in New Jersey.  Lots of drama! 

Thankfully, the only drama that Caitlin & Ashleigh brought to their photo shoot was their dramatic beauty.  At first, I chose the song Daughters by John Mayer for their slideshow because I love that song.  I am sure their parents are so proud of their two precious daughters, Caitlin & Ashleigh.  But, then I decided I wanted something more upbeat so I went to an old Charlie's Angels Soundtrack.  Hey girls, I hope y'all like your slideshow.

I told Caitlin that she looked very 'girl next door pretty' and Ashleigh looked rock-n-roll chic!  Each of them could not have been any more precious.
Thanks girls.  You are Fun and Fabulous!

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