Thursday, December 9, 2010

to Ponchatoula and back

Mama has learned to string pearls!  She made some beautiful pearl necklaces.  Then, she strung every bead she could find and was chompin' at the bit for more.  Aunt Clara Faye turned her on to a place in Ponchatoula called the Turquoise Coyote.  This is a bead store.  I'm talkin' wall to wall beads of every size and variety can be found there.  So, Mama needed to go buy some pearls today.  She picked me up then picked up Aunt Clara Faye and off we Ponchatoula. 

On our way, Mama is driving with one hand and talking with the other.  Her little drop pearl earring (which she handcrafted) is swinging in time with her talking.  The little red heart that hangs from the rear view mirror is swinging in time with her driving.  I am so observant.  heehee.  I sit in the back seat and listen and practice my manual camera exposures.   They can hear me clicking away but ignore me because they are used to me and the ever lovin' camera stuck to my face.

So, this is the 'on the way back' picture.  Aunt Clara Faye wears out her little paper sack that holds her new beads.  She can't help but pull out her new lapis beads to admire them.  Then, she puts them back in the paper sack and rolls the top back over. comes the unroll..out with the beads again.  I am sure she is imagining the beautiful strand these will make.   Personally, I love the idea of crafting more than the crafting.  The potential, the potential...

Look -a- there.  She loves those new beads. 

She even admires the new style of clasps that she purchased today also. 

For some reason, I am captivated by that little red heart.  It's still  justa swingin'.   Trust me, the conversation is still going on in the front seat, all the way there and all the way back.  I am reminded of when I was a little kid riding in the backseat of Mama's car.  I guess I will always be my Mama's little kid at heart.  ...watchin' and listenin'...and swingin'...

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  1. Tootie, you are too sweet. That was a good account of our day to the bead store. I knew you had something up your sleeve. Love ya, Mom.


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