Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Dinner

Text messages:
8:50am Terry:  HAPPY V DAY SWEETIE!!!
8:56am Me:  Happy valentines day to you my love!
9:00am Terry:  HEY GAL, HOW ABOUT ROMANIC SUPPER? (when has he ever called me gal?)
9:01am Me:  Oh?  What's the plan? (i figure-there is no plan.  i know that  i will have to make the plans)
9:09am Terry:  YOU&ME, DINNER AT YOUR FAVORITE PLACE! (just as i thought! no plan-just an idea!)
9:11am Me:  You are smooth.  What time are you getting home?
9:14am Terry: REGULAR TIME...3:30PM
9:16am Me: Ok.  I will try to be ready.  Looking forward to it.
9:18am Terry:  OK FINE!

So, it was the restaurant inside the Bass Pro Shop. 


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