Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 11 of 365, Pasta & Famiy Get Togethers

Today's daily photo challenge was Bow. This is my bowtie pasta pic today. After capturing this shot, I started thinking about what I wanted to post on my blog today. I would like to share my favorite pasta salad recipe that my mom makes. Yummy good. You gotta try it!

Click for larger view:
Here are two collages of a few snapshots that I took at the Family Fish Fry in October 2009.

This is my cousin's daughter. My cousin said she came here 'bigger than your average bear'. lol!
She is adorable and spunky! Ya gotta love her!

So, here is your little tea pot, short and stout! Tip me over and I might fall down.

Peace out with my 'Ove Glove'! Now, I need to get my garlic bread out of the 'ove'. See Ya!

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