Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 17 of 365, BR Loop Meeting

My mom (in red), Mrs. Betty (pink jacket) and I went to a scheduled meeting for citizens who want to know more about the Baton Rouge Loop Project. It looks as if the Loop is planned to take over my property. Mom and Mrs. Betty's property are part of the Loop as well. The phrase, "you can't stop progress" comes to mind. I do not know how this will ultimately play out. I know a lot of people are fighting this loop. I am sure whoever has the most power and money wins! And, that is not me for sure.
It was blood test day today. I see an endocrinologist to help me keep my hypothyroidism under control. Also, both of my grandmas had diabetes so he monitors my blood sugar levels as well.
Ahhh! Sleepytime Tea. I figured this for a gimmic but I tried it and found that it works. About 20 minutes after I drink it, I get sooooo relaxed. The inspiration for this picture was today's photo challenge: Something you Treat yourself with. I think a nice cup of chamomile tea is a nice treat before bedtime.

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  1. Hey Aunt Tootie!! Daddy says looks like you had fun!!! You took some really good pics!! Love Ya!!

    Brandilyn <3 :)


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