Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 18 jof 365, Cool Green Grass & Safari Hat

Day 18 of 365, Self Portrait
I love laying in the cool green grass. Actually, I was hoping that I could get our little doggy, Mia, to come take a picture with me but she would not come for anything!

Here I am trying to call her back. She is barking her head off because some cablevision men were working on the other side of our fence. Oh, I give up!

Uploaded for Daily Photo Challenge,Subject: Hat, Jan. 26, 2010
This is my husband's hat that we purchased at Animal Kingdom during our first trip to Disneyworld in Orlando. It was year 2000.
He carried a few treats in that very backpack. You might see the little Sheraton Safari Hotel hang tag. I made that in case the pack was lost. Our contact info is on the back. I felt so nostalgic when i saw this, I intend to re-visit some photos from that 2000 vacation and post later on my blog. I need to find them first.

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