Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 4 of 365 went to see the movie, Leap Year

Day 4 of Project 365. Day 4 of Project 365. My mom, aunt and I went to see Leap Year today. It is a wonderful chick flick. Spoiler Alert!!!...they fall in love! That was not much of a spoiler huh? You had to know that already. Anyway, we really enjoyed watching this sweet little movie set in Ireland. There is something about the folklore and culture of that beautiful quaint country that captures my imagination. Amy Adams & Matthew Goode did a great job and I would recommend this movie for the romantic at heart. Matthew Goode's character re-tells an old Irish story about a man and woman in love who cross the 'shannon' to be together. The "shannon'? What is it about an Irish Folktale? It just sounds so lovely told in that unique dialect. Amy Adams is just so pretty and likable. You can't help but want her to find true happiness.

My husband would love this one. He can watch My Best Friends Wedding back to back. His favorite part in MBFW is where the guy was running after Kimmi and Julia Roberts was running after him! Isn't that funny? I got a big romantic for a hubby. Tuff on the outside but a real softy on the inside.
So if you go see Leap Year, I hope you like it too.
I decided to share my leftover popcorn with the ducks. The pond is on my home from the movies so I whipped in and offered some to the duck that was close to me. I had set my camera on a concrete bench and set the timer and this is what I captured. I think you can see the popcorn in mid-air that I tossed to the duck.
And here they come! They swam out of the pond, they flew in from the trees, the geese waddled in. They were excited about the free grub. You should have heard the cacophony of duck and geese honks too! Other people that were walking for excercise around the track seemed afraid when a goose would come close. I, on the other hand, was sitting in the middle of 'em like a crazy person. My camera was stuck to my face with one hand while I was throwing popcorn from the bucket with the other.

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