Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 30 of 365, Super Bowl Today! Who Dat!!!

Who Dat! Dem Saints done won dat SuperBowl!!! Louisiana celebrates tonight~!
Final Score after this field goal, 31-17. YIPPEEE! Then we heard booooom, booooom!!! We went outside to see and hear fireworks lighting up the atmosphere! Time to celebrate! woooohoooo!

We watched the game at mom and dad's house. Who Dat sayin they gonna beat dem Saints?!!! Who Dat!!! I love this picture and I can't stand this picture! I look like a heavy chevy tilting down the room. Omgosh! what is up? It must be some kind of illusion. I am the shortest one in the family and here I tower over the whole crew. And, I know I am NOT bigger than my brother! Look how skinny he looks over there. I'm on that side next time! I look like a line backer. no way jose'! something's gotta give!
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