Friday, April 2, 2010

Day 83 of 365,

Day 83 of 365, I visited mom today.  Before I left, we started talking about the super bright green leaves on the trees and how pretty the weather has been.  We ambled around her yard looking at her flowing shrubs.  She thought about her sweet smelling shrub which I think she called a Banana Visconia.  So, we went around the corner of her house to the side where her tree is planted.  She wanted check to see if it had bloomed.  Yes, it was Loaded with blooms!  She plucked one of the buds to take a long whiff of its fragrance.  This tree blooms with flowers fragranced with the sweetest banana smell.  I wanted to look up its botanical name.  So, I did a google search and came up with 'Michaela Alba' or, it might be found in garden centers as 'Magnolia Fuscatta Var. Skineriensis'.  I found this through a wonderful gardeners website  I had to laugh at some of the comments from other googlers of that site.  I noticed a common thread in their comments regarding the memories that this flower brings up for them. 
Here are a couple comments that I would like to share:
*Posted by greenelbows1 z9--so LA
"I had to google 'banana shrub', 'cause I knew exactly what you meant but couldn't think of its botanical name. ... Here sometimes they call them 'bubby flowers', 'cause long ago ladies would drop them down the front of their dresses for the fragrance. "
*Another comment Posted by heidiho of St. Martinville, La.
"I remember those!! They smelled so good. My grandma used to put a couple of them down my bra in high school and when I got home they were all brown but I sure did smell good all day. Think I'll try to grow one. I hope it doesn't take too long to bloom. At my age I don't have that much time left. lol  Thanks for the memory."

So, I had to chuckle because every summer, I watch my mom bring the little flower up close to her nose and breathe in their sweet fragrance.  All the while that  she is drawing in all the sweetness, her eyes are softly closed and I know that she is being transported to another time and place.   I know that she is going back in her memory because each and every time, she says, "I love the smell of this flower.  MawMaw used to have one and we would put the petals in our chest of drawers."  I know exactly which MawMaw she would be talking about.  That would be our wonderful and amazing MawMaw Irene.  Her grandma and my great.  A GREAT grandma she was, indeed.  I was blessed to know her until she passed away when I was about 12 years old. 

Isn't it amazing how the sweet, sweet smell of a simple little flower can bring you back and make you feel so nostalgic?  I can relate because I love going back to yesteryear in my heart, mind and spirit.  What takes you back to a special time?  You should take time to breathe deeply in remembrance of those special memories.  I think it is very good to savor the moment an allow yourself to go back to a magical place of comfort and joy.

Above, I think Mom is talking about how she needs to "cut back...", something or other.  She didn't realize I was taking her picture.  In the second pic, she catches me pointing the camera in her direction and she is booking it out of the frame.  When she realized she got caught she laughed and said, "Oh goodness, you got me with my hair in this 'Bow'rette."  hehee...!  She was raised in the city but talks like a Louisiana southern, country girl.  She and my Kayla are so funny.  The other night, they were trying out DragonSpeak on their I-phones.  DragonSpeak had no idea what they were saying!  It was hilarious!   We couldn't stop laughing.

Speaking of Kayla (my oldest daughter),pictured below is a pretty flowering hanging plant that she was given by one of her office's clients.  She works for a Doctor and they are spoiled with gifts and nice lunches from clients.  She loves the medical field.  I am so proud of her.  It is so amazing when you realize that your adult child is learning, growing and making their own way in the world.  I pray that she will always be happy and fulfilled in her career choice.  I pray for both of my daughters and their individual choices that directly impact their future.   I have been very much a mother hen throughout their entire childhood.  I protected them at every turn and was able to make all the decisions for them that I thought best.  At this time in their young adult lives, I have to take the backseat and have faith.   So far, so good.  Thank you, Lord.  

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