Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day 85 of 365, Easter Sunday

Day 85 of 365, I went to an Easter Sunday Service with my parents today.  My mom asked me to help her take family portraits.  This is a ongoing tradition.  Since she joined Riverside, she has been taking Easter family portraits for the church.  She asked me to come and take the pics while she ambushed people.  Nah, she really didn't need to ambush.  All of the members are so nice and friendly.  They were happy to have their Easter portraits taken.  It is a great way to be sure to get a family picture. 
For the portraits, there were tall purple satin cloth draped crosses on each entrance to the church.  Scotty and Neva were on the north side entrance.  Mom and I took the south entrance.  As the families went inside, mom posed the group and I clicked the shutter.  We got some beautiful pictures today.  At the close of the service today, we did partake in the Lord's Supper.   
When Rachel saw me, here she comes!  I love this little beauty.  She is a heart stealer and gives the best huggy bugs!
So, how about this for a heart stealer?!!  Cameron picked some flowers for me.  Oh, my goodness gracious, heavens to Betsy!  Yes, this sweetie melted my heart. 
Look at all those babies!!!  Isn't that the cutest?  They are coming and going from having their pictures made.  Does Louis Armstrong's 'What a Wonderful World' come to mind? 
Sweetest days.
I took a picture of Scotty taking a picture of one of the Easter families.  Look at the bonnet and the news boys cap!  Too adorable for words.  Neva is looking on.  She was helping to pose the groups.  Neva also painted and beautifully decorated the crosses that were used as the backdrop. 
Fantastic job, Neva...You are the best!

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