Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 86 of 365, Little Critters

Day 86 of 365,  I didn't do any shooting today.  I reached back in the archives for these little critter pics.  The first picture of  the lizard was at my home.  He jumped from the concrete onto the brick wall and I watched him change colors before my eyes.  He kept his eye on me the whole time too.  Isn't that chamellion effect the most amazing thing to watch?    The butterfly and beatle were taken at Water Country USA in Williamsburg, VA. 

I had my camera with me one day and I shot the little wasp in the Walmart parking lot. They had moved their spring flowers out to the parking lot for display.  I was out and about looking for an opportunity to test a new lens.  When I saw the variety of flowers, I thought why not?  I figured if they ran me off, fine.  The didn't.  I was thrilled when I caught the little wasp.  Look at the sidebar.  I have a pic of a little bee on purple flowers.  Guess where that one was taken.  You got it...Walmart, same day.   

 Tomorrow, I plan to go on a field trip.  I don't know where, but I want to go somewhere that I have never been.  Hoping for a new adventure!  If anybody lives around me and wants to hop along on a field trip with me, give me a call.  All I have to do is put on my shoes and grab my keys & I'm ready to go...!

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