Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 87 of 365, Strawberry fields forever...Actually, I think it is a weed...:)

Day 87 of 365, Well, yesterday, I posted that I wanted to go on an adventure today.  I wanted to do something that I had never done before.  I didn't really get to do anything exciting.  Today, was an ordinary day.  No excitement to speak of.   bummer.  At about 6 pm, Kayla and I went to work out at the gym.  I have been noticing these flowers that look just like strawberries growing in the median.  I told Kayla that I really wanted to get a shot of these flowers.  She stayed in the vehicle while I crossed the highway and jumped into the median for this photo opp.  I got waaaay down low on the ground to get this perspective.  The wind was blowing so that is the reason for the soft focus on some.   They were caught while swaying with the breeze.  I was there for only a minute or two, tops.  I told Kayla that I will consider that my adventure for the day.  Hey, it's my blog so I can call it adventure if I want to, right?  I have never stood in that busy four lane median before.  So, I guess it felt like an adventure to me. 

When I got back to my vehicle, Kayla looked up from her I-phone and told me that I looked like a BOW-tinist out there.  "Huh?"  I asked her, 'What is that?'  She looked back down at her I-phone and said, "Someone who works with plants."  OMGosh!  I cracked up.  I said, 'You mean botanist?'  heheee !!!   I'm sure she had googled that info so that she could hit me with it.  She cracked up too.  She has this big ole laugh.  Ya can't help but love her.  Her daddy calls her Ding bat Jenny Lee.  She doesn't mind being called  a ding bat cuz she knows its true.  That silly daughter of mine.  
I had to wait for a million cars to pass before I could cross the highway.  I happened to look back to see if Kayla was looking my way.  What I saw was my own looooong tall shadow. 

I ambled around the corner of the little strip mall building.  This field is found on the south side.  I took these pics a little after 7 pm.  Even though the subject matter is quite simplistic, I love how the warm light of the setting sun looks at that time of day. 

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