Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 94 of 365, Experimenting with my off camera flash

Day 94 of 365, Tonight I went outside in the dark of night to try to experiment with off camera flash.  For the rose, I simply held my flash unit in my outstretched left arm while trying to hand hold my camera steady for the shot with my opposite.  This rose bush is my trusty go to practice subject. 
Mia is another little trusty/not so trusty subject.  She is always here but not always still enough to be a trusty practice subject.  Here she is in the spotlight.  I laid my flash head on the grass and threw one of her little toys out in front of her.  She just plopped down and stayed there for a couple seconds which was just enough to snap this spotlight shot. 
Done!  I was barefoot and kept stepping in the stickers so I called her to come in for the night!  I want to practice more later.

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