Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 126 of 365, represents me-Backyard Barefootin'

When I began to carry my camera around with me non-stop, I remember my oldest daughter's words to me, "Oh, no Mom. I can just picture it. You are going to start wearing those long tye-dye skirts and hippie shoes and start gettin' all weird." I laughed because I know how she thinks. To me, that was hilarious because she has a Certain Idea about what a female photographer looks like. When I found this skirt last summer at a rock bottom price, I picked it up because I wanted to play a joke on her one day.  I forgot and it sat in the bag until this morning.   Actually, it still has the tags attached as I sit for this self - timer Self Portrait.  We were challenged this morning to capture images that tell something about who you are.  I began thinking about what represents me.  My daily routine is to sit outside first thing in the morning and let the doggies play.  I always carry my morning pages journal with me.  I enjoy listening to the birds sing to me as I write.  The dogs stretch and play for a bit.  Then, tickle my ankles with their fur as they brush against me while playing under my chair.  I appreciate the peacefulness of our early morning routine.

As for Kayla's idea about what a female photog looks like...the truth is, I have somewhat become, I suppose, a rendition of the original image that she had.  How did she say that?,... 'getting all weird'?  hehee!...Actually, I might not dress any differently than I did prior to my photography habit but I do look at things in a much more artistic way now.  Rest assured, Kayla,  "I am still very much...JUST ME." So the image above minus the tye-dye is the real me.....Backyard Barefootin'. I started to re-take because you could see the dirt stuck to the bottom of my foot. Then, said, "NAH!" I was going for 'real me'.  Oh, I think I'll have to wear this skirt more often.  It is soooo comfortable.  Now, where are my hippie shoes?

Uploaded both pics above for Daily Photo Challenge, Subject: Something the represents you, May 15, 2010

What a mess of wires!  Crazy, huh? uh, well...this looks like major confusion to me. Yes, I must admit, I can be quite a scatterbrain sometimes. My husband calls me ADD Head. oops!  I guess the wires get crossed up in the old noggin now and then.  Big Daddy puts up with my scatterbrained-ness cuz he ain't perfect either ya know.  On to the second pic... when I look at this chair that I found on an outdoor porch of a hometown coffee shop, I like the way that it shows signs of age but still worthy. The reason I chose this to represent me because I want to be a welcoming, dependable, and sturdy friend without any pretense.  I hope to be someone who is inviting and people feel comfortable enough with me to sit a while and visit.

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