Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 125 of 365, Puppy Tug O' War

Stripes was the Daily Photo Challenge Subject today.  This evening, I noticed this little tiger striped doggy bone laying about the floor.  I decided to walk outside with my camera and the bone and see what happens.  Immediately, they both could not stand the fact that I had THEIR toy.  They started jumping up for it as we walked.  They almost tripped me with their exuberance underfoot.  I knew I was probably going to get a picture.....oh, yeah.  I turned on the camera, set my apperture and tossed it out in front of me.  Immediately, I started a Puppy Tug O' War!  They are hilarious. 

So, meet our newest bambino.  Her name is Bella.  I usually call her Bellie Belle.  Karmyn brought this puppy home and didn't tell me until the next morning.  She saw it at Petco being sold by SPCA and had to have her.   
Bellie Belle is one Bone-ifide Bossie Mossie!  Personality Plus!  We can't help but love her.

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