Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 124 of 365, I Love the Library!

Daily Photo Challenge Subect for this day is Steps or Stairs.  I was at the library and saw this lonely little sturdy step stool.  I appreciate the timeless, practicality of such a simple convenience.  No telling how many little feet & big feet alike, have stepped up onto this little wooden stool and reached to grab that book from the highest shelf.  Personally, this looks like a convenient place to sit down and browse through the pages of my potential next read.  Awesome! 

The public library is a jewel in the community and well worth paying tax dollars for.  I know that through the years, financially, we have known times of plenty and times of  famine.  I remember, especially, the times when we could not afford to spend lots of dough on entertainment.  Yet, I could always pack up the kids and together enjoy a day field trip to the imagination playground!  I never want to take my public library for granted. 

I think the title of  Dr. Seuss's book sums it up..."Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!"  What do you think?

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