Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 123 of 365, Wedding View from the French Doors and "Aaaaaat LAAAaaaaast..." by Etta James

Today's Photo Challenge was View From a Window.  Terry's vehicle needs service, so he took mine to work.  I was not able to run around today to find photo opps for the challenge.  I reached back to last summer's wedding images.  I met a very nice elderly gentleman wedding photographer.  At that time, I was contemplating the purchase of a new camera.  He told me that he has been shooting with Nikon since the 50's and has always been happy.  As we continued to talk, he told me that he had a wedding to shoot on Saturday of the upcoming weekend.  Some bells went off in my head.  I asked him if I could help him with the wedding.  In the bargain, I offered to give him all of my files (free) for his mentorship.  Oh, he quickly agreed to that bargain!  After our meeting and conversation, I made the decision to purchase the Nikon that I was thinking about in hopes that he could teach me a thing or two.

On the day of the wedding, I showed up and he was happy to see me.   Wedding photography is fast and furious.  We really didn't get much chance to talk but I learned as I observed.  Soon, I found that I got in the groove of things.  I liken the way that he and I worked together as a sort of dance.  It was very intuitive on both our parts I believe.  Well, I know for me anyway.  As he moved back for wide shots, I moved in for the close ups and vice versa.  This dance continued throughout the entire ceremony, especially.  Of course, I always deferred to him as the head photographer so as not to interfere with his shots.  I did get some valuable pointers and sound advice from him which I have implemented. 

The reception was very nice.  It was a mid-day wedding.  This wonderful family was of a more conservative nature.  I knew that the 'first dance' was about to take place.  First a little backstory:  the couple are both mature professionals who had never been married.  Que the music....Etta James began to sing in that soulful voice, "Aaaaaat LAAAaaaaaast..."  Oh, what a moment as they were looking into each other's eyes and dancing their first dance.  I couln't help myself. I immediatly jumped up on a nearby chair and the former cheerleader in me did a spontaneous fist pump above my head!  No kidding!  The crowd errupted in applause and smiles as they all realized the significance of the song choice.  I captured some gorgeous pics of the happy couple and the beaming crowd behind them.  After all was said and done, I looked behind me and hoped that I had not embarrassed the principle photographer.  He was smiling from ear to ear.  I was relieved and happy that I followed my instincts and hopped onto that chair to capture a once in a lifetime moment for the bride and groom. 

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