Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 122 of 365, Igniting the artist within...Here's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Photo Challenge Subject today was RED.  Karmyn left this box of matches out on the counter after she lit a candle.  I thought I would try to light up the red box with this little match flame.  When I reviewed the pic, I noticed that the matchstick disappeared.  Cool!  I must have been moving my hand during the exposure time.  This was not intentional but I dig it. I love it when a fluke turns out to be something interesting.

I began to think about how many metaphors for life are described by fire or synonyms of the like. 

Here is my story of why I have a 'fire in my belly' to study, learn and explore my photography interests.  Admiring the work of others, helps  'fan the flame' of my passion for this art medium.  I remember the moment of the initial 'spark'.  One day, I was 'feverishly' perusing the internet wedding photography websites.  I came across an image of tears 'burning' in the eyes of a bride as she hugged her dad.  Her 'hottie' of a groom was looking on with a look of compassion on his face.  This was the image that 'ignited' my artist within.  In a 'flash', I could read the beautiful story that one simple image captured.  With one click that 'fires' the trigger, the LIFE button was paused and released.   That particular and irretrievable Window In Time is 'illuminated' forever in a photograph to be treasured for a lifetime.  Yes, I recall the moment the 'torch' was lit in my heart. 

So, now you know how the 'eternal flame' of my desire for photography began. 
That's The Truth Y'all!

My truth that I just told in my little story was back in the fall of 2008.  During this time frame, I found myself pretty lonesome for my 2 little constant companions.  My daughters were both attending college.  This was the first semester for my youngest.  So you see, that is when I began to feel the effects of empty nest syndrome.  I was looking for a hobby or interest.  The image that I mentioned of the bride really struck an emotional chord with me.  As I stared into the scene on my computer monitor, I noticed that crocodile tears were literally rolling down and splashing off my cheeks to match the rolling tears of the bride.  I decided to purchase my first dslr.  I have a long habit and history of starting an interest and dropping it soon after.  Therefore, I wanted to be conservative.  I decided to purchase an entry level camera from ebay.  When I received it, I volunteered to capture images of my Aunt's wedding that very weekend!  I didn't know what I was doing so, AUTO was the only function for me.  I had a blast and remember specifically, my cousin came up and exclaimed, "I didn't know you knew how to do that!"  (wedding photography) hahahaha.  Laughingly, I replied,  "I don't!"  It felt good though.  I had so much fun, snap, snap, snapping the night away!

I have never done any marketing or advertisement and somehow, suddenly, and most unexpectantly I have become a wedding photographer!  How ironically fitting that my inspiration is becoming my reality.  If you would like to view my most recent Wedding Engagement Photo Shoot, you are welcomed to go to:  http://michellesibley.smugmug.com/


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