Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 129 of 365, Karmyn got her golden scissors, Yay!

Yay! Here is Karmyn on her last day of Beauty School.  She is waiting for her last minutes to tick off.  She has officially put in the amount of hours necessary to graduate with a Cosmetology Degree.  She tried traditional college but decided that she wanted to pursue a more creative career path.  Karmyn has an eye for fashion, beauty, and design.  So, it makes good sense to me now that she chose a career in the beauty industry.  I know that she really enjoyed her experience in Beauty School.  She has always been a 'people' person.  Her genuinely warm personality draws you in.   I remember one of her old coaches would often call her the Golden Child.  He called her that, not necessarily because she had long golden blonde hair, (now Kardashian black!) but, because she was good at everything she tried.  If something did not come naturally, Karmyn never gave up.  She commits with her whole heart and will not stop practicing until she accomplishes her goals.  

With her drive and determination, I am confident that she will soon be an up and coming cutting edge sensation!  You have become my Golden Child with Golden Scissors! 
Live Karmyn! Live Life to the Fullest! Grow and Become Your Best You! Go and Make a Wonderful Life for Yourself! I love you with all of my heart.

Love, Mom

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