Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 141 of 365, Yesterday, I did a Bridal Shoot for an upcoming wedding.

Photo by Betty Slaton
Photo by Betty Slaton

The above two pics were taken by my mom.  She rode with me to help with the Bridal Shoot that I had scheduled for yesterday.  The location is the Audubon Historic State Park and Oakley Plantation in St. Francisville, LA.  It is an absolutely perfect photography site.  The first pic above is the old Plantation Home.  Featured also is the Chief of Hospitality.  His name is Gus the Turkey.  He greets everyone who drives up.  The parking lot and front porch is his territory.  While Mama was talking to Gus, she was snapping a few pics.  When she walked into the museum where I was paying the entry fee, she told me about what Gus did.  She said that the whole time she was taking his picture, his tail feathers were up and proud and he was wobbling around in a strut.  As soon as she started to walk off, pppphhhhhhh, down his feathers went in a big dejected sigh.
Here, I was trying to make Gus look glamourous.  How about it?


I sent my bride and her mom to the password protected gallery of images that we captured.  After she viewed them, she sent me a text message that made me soooo happy.  She wrote, "I love them!...We are at our honeydo shower.  But I completely love every single one them!"

Goodie, goodie!  She loves them!  I knew she would.  I told Kristin that I am itchin' and can't wait to post the Bridal Session images but I have to wait until after the wedding, of course.  Kristin (bride-to-be) and her mom, Norma were phenomenal to work with.  Norma came up with some really great poses.  Combining mine and Norma's ideas and Granny's (my mom) assistance with the lighting, we made a great team.  I sure am happy with every one of our shots.  Kristin was willing to try anything we threw out for her to try.  It is a big effort to do a Bridal Photo Session.  For the bride, it is early morning hairdo and make-up, then meeting up at the location with her dress in tow.  But, I will tell you is all worth it in the end!  After the wedding cake is long gone and honeymoon is over, what will remain?  The amazing images of the hopes and dreams of new couple starting a new life together.  Then, for my efforts in the Wedding Day Photography, I hope to capture special and memorable moments to hold forever in the hearts of the bride/groom and their families.  It is so important to capture today's images of our Parents, Grandparents, Siblings, Family and Friends.  All moments captured are priceless treasures for future generations.  

Is it all worth it?  You betcha!

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