Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 142 of 365, Textured

Today's challenge subject was:  Textured.  I titled this one Fluffy vs. Parched. 
We had a wind storm while we were gone yesterday and some dead branches from a tree on the other side of our fence fell into our yard.  Terry picked them up and started a small fire today.  I used it for my Texture image as well.  I called it Fire and Ashes.  What else? 
Is this a Gecko?
                                  Is this called a gecko? Finally, I caught a picture of these illusive little night creatures.   These little pink, rubbery clear looking creatures come out of every nook, crack and cranny after dark.  When my daughters were little, they would kinda freak them out because they look so strange.  I have no idea where they live because they never come out during the day.  Every night, I see them on my screen room windows.  I have never been able to catch a pic of them because A)  there is not enough light.  B) they are fast as lightning and extremely illusive.
Tonight, I was walking to my backdoor and happened to have my camera in my hand.  Terry's headlights were shining on the gecko so I thought I might get a picture.  I saw this one with something in its mouth.  I could see wings sticking out on each side.  I picked up my camera to get the shot.  Immediately and before I could press the trigger, it scurried off, and either gulped the winged bug or dropped it.  Quick as a wink, it had  run off and tried to hide behind the door hinge that you see in this picture.  Then, it froze in its tracks for a couple seconds for me to snap this pic. 

I think it is a gecko.  That is what I always called them anyway.  I know one thing for sure.  When we built our house, we used to see black widow spiders.  The girls were little at the time and I was so fearful that a poisonous spider would bite one of them.  Some years later, the geckos moved in and set up residence at the entrances to our house.  They have lived here for many, many years now.  I have no idea how they came here but I am thankful that they did.  I think the geckos took care of the dangerous spider problem around here. I am not going to say that we will never see another spider because I don't want to jinx myself.   But, every time I see the geckos suctioned upside down to the ceiling of my front porch and back screen room, I say a little thank you.  I love my geckos!  If we move, I want to take some with me.  Truly, I think of them as our family guardians who work for us while we sleep. 

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