Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 150 of 365, Happy Birthday PawPaw John #87 !

Today, we celebrated my PawPaw's 87th birthday. He is a sweet, sweet grandpa.  Love ya PawPaw John!

My uncle came over with his hot new wheels!  He and his wife special ordered this camero.  I think he got it at the first of the year but this was my first time to see it up close.  He got it loaded to the gills!  (speaking of gills...This is my fisherman uncle.  One of these days, I want to go to the lake with him so that I can get some sunrise lake pictures.   

Let's see what's rumblin' under the hood that makes this a Super Sport edition! 

Then, when we got back home, I knew I had to gather up my stuff and pack it inside. Terry likes to keep his truck neat. No clutter junk in his world, Please! As I was getting out of the vehicle with my big ole purse and camera, I told him I would come back for my craft project stuff. "No, no, go ahead, I'll get it."
Awe, isn't that sweet of him to carry my craft project in for me? I am glad he did. Otherwise, I couldn't have turned around and took his picture. :)

Big Daddy had to set my craft project down so that he could open the door. He is so sweet. Now, hurry up Big Daddy. What's taking you so long to open the door? Let me in. geesh!

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