Thursday, June 24, 2010

Our Big Daddy took us to eat at Not Ya Mama's for Father's Day!

I have been so busy with Wedding Images, I forgot that I had a couple Father's Day pics to post.  Here are a couple pictures that I took with my point & shoot with no flash.  We went to Not Ya Mama's restaurant.  As we waited for a table, we stood looking at the menu of delicious entree choices.  The food is so good here.  Then, you have to order a HUNK 'o cake.  No kidding.  They do not serve a slice.  You get a HUNK!  Terry ordered a strawberry cheesecake & the girls ordered oreo cheesecake with chocolate syrup.  Yes, we brought home 2 HUNKS o' cake!  We groaned and rubbed our stomachs as we walked out the door because we were too full.  As usual, when we walked into the door of our home after the ride home, up pops the lid on the styrofoam 'go' box with the HUNK 'o cake and the forks dive in!  yummmmmm.  I want to say Happy, happy Father's Day to my own Dad, Terry's Dad, Big Daddy (Terry) and all the Dads out there.  Hope you all had a terrific day and your stomachs hurt from too much indulgence on Dad's Day!

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