Saturday, July 17, 2010

E-Session with Felicia and Austin!

Well, it finally happened!  I met my December bride today and she is a doll.  Felicia asked me to be her wedding photographer about a couple months ago I think.  We have been wanting to get together for a face to face meeting but just never found the right time.  Anyway, we did talk on the phone for a good little while.  I was asking her questions about what she and Austin like to do together.  What does he like to do?  mud riding!  I didn't figure she would want engagement session caked in mud.  :-)  Then, I asked her what she likes to do.  She said anything on the river.  Jet skiing is her thing!  So, I knew I had a couple of outdoorsy fun lovin' people.  What I was trying to get was inspiration ideas for the Engagement Session.  In the end, she came up with an excellent idea to go to her PawPaw's land because he has a beautiful pond and wooded acerage.  Both of us got excited and made a date for the photo shoot.  We could only hope for good weather.  Well, today finally shoot date.  The weather has been good all this week leading up to today.  So, when she called me yesterday to see if we are still on, I told her all was still a "go"!  

But, as it happened the rain clouds starting rolling in at about the time that we were to meet up.  Man!  She called her PawPaw and he said it was sunny at his house so we made the decision to give it a try.   Terry went along to help me with lighting.  So, he drove his truck.  As he was following behind Austin's truck to PawPaw's land, the bottom fell out and the rain poured down on us.  ooooh!  It was looking pretty ominous.  We kept going though and ended up coming out of the rain as we got closer to our destination.  Oh, goodie.  I was happy because I though we were going to slip by the rain.  Wouldn't you know, as soon as we drove up to her PawPaw's front door, the rain started.  So, we took shelter on his front porch and decided to do a wait and see.  The rain seemed to ease up for us so we decided that since we drove all this way, we wanted to get in a few shots.  No time for chit was a rapid fire photo shoot!  We managed to take some photos by the pretty trees and worked our way down to the pond.  Felicia asked if they should do a different outfit.  I told her sure.  We walked back up to the house so they could change clothes.  I'm telling you, as soon as we stepped up onto the porch the bottom fell out.  We all looked at each other and said we thought the rain was set in.  We didn't really think it was going to let up for a while.  I packed up my gear and Terry and I got rain soaked as we ran back to our truck.  All in all, we had a wham, bam, thank you mam, get'er done in record time Engagement Session.  But, the images I captured show a couple very much in love.  And I am proud!

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