Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lauren's Beautiful World

Oh, what a wonderful day today! First thing this morning, I decided to go browsing around the Antique Village. I had in mind that I would like to get some props for children's portraits such as small chair, etc... I happened upon some vintage hats. Oh, boy the wheels of inspiration started to churn. All of a sudden, I really, really want to do a series that I immediately titled "Pouty Parisian". Before, I could acomplish that, surely I would need some young girls willing to have some fun with me in a photo session. Well, I picked up several items and walked around the shop to make sure this is what I was willing to spend my money on. After thinking about all the stuff that I have in my closets, I decided to put them back. I knew that I didn't need to just collect stuff based on an idea. So, ho, hum...back on the shelf they went.

I walked into the store next door and allowed my eyes to roam over all the antiques. Then, I looked behind me and I heard somebody say hey to me. It was an old friend (another Michelle) from our softball days. I was happy to see her. Just behind Michelle, was her youngest daughter, Lauren. The last time I saw Lauren, she was digging in the dirt and running around at the ball field. I think that was around 8 years ago. Lauren has always been so pretty and petite. What do you think popped into my brain? bingo! I want Lauren to be my first Pouty Parisian!

I mentioned to Michelle and her daughter what I had in mind. Lauren seemed up for the idea. And, Michelle kindly invited me to her home to photograph her gorgeous Lauren. And, so ladies and gentlemen...below is the result of the last minute, planned on a whim, photo session. Of course, I could not wait to go through the images and create a slide show of Lauren's beauties! I am not sure if we captured "Pouty Parisian" necessarily. To me, I think it was more like Lauren in Wonderland. You will see what I mean in the slide show. When I first arrived, my sights were on that great big, beautiful golden sun beginning to sink low over a meadow. I knew I needed to work fast because I was racing the sundown. I asked Lauren to position herself where I could take advantage of the golden hour. Truly, I became so enthralled capturing that pretty sunlight washing over Lauren and creating a rim of soft light around her hair that I forgot to pull out my props. duh, me. "Props?", you ask. "What props?"... The very ones that I walked around the antique store deliberating about then put back on the shelf this morning. So, I should say, my friends, that I did indeed go back to the first antique store and purchase those vintage items. Yep, yep. I had good reason, I just secured a willing subject from a chance meeting. How cool is that? Pretty cool.

Check out Lauren's Beautiful World. I think the photo session was amazing. I loved every minute and adore the images from the session. I have decided that for a limited time, I am willing to offer a special location photo session for $150. After the session fee is paid, I will issue a photo credit of $100! That means the session fee is only $50. ..."and, that Ain't bad A-tall if you ask me!" If you have been wanting to get your family together and get a nice family portrait, or, if you want to get a beautiful picture of your kids while they are on summer break, give me a call at 225-933-6953. Please mention "Lauren's Beautiful World" and I will be sure to know how you found me and honor that special rate offering. Now, enjoy the slide show.

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